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Slides and Demos from AngularJS 1.x Presentation

A couple of days ago I had a presentation about AngularJS 1.x. If anyone is interested below are slides and link to demo project.

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AngularJS hide fields until initialized

A pesky thing about AngularJS is that all of the code in HTML that is mustache {{ is visible. To avoid this everything related to AngularJS can be hidden until website is finished loading up using:

.x-ng-cloak {
    display: none !important;


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C# and AngularJS - Receive Post data

AngularJS is awesome, C# also. But AngularJS has slightly unstandardized way of sending data over networks. Data is packet body instead of header, which may cause quite some problems  if you're unaware of this.

MVC Framework will automatically deserialize data into object when it receives, you only need to tell it that it should look for data in body instead of header.

public int method([FromBody]Model m)
        // ...