Internet Explorer - Touch Actions Not Working

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Internet Explorer - Touch Actions Not Working

During recent development of a JavaScript based Windows Store App I came across an interesting problem. On the development PC (it isn't touch ready) everything worked perfectly until the app was installed on the test tablet. After the famous line:

It works on my machine

said a couple of times and a long night of searching what might be the solution, I came across this neat CSS snippet:

html { 
    -ms-touch-action: none; /* -ms- was dropped with IE11 */

The cause

After an examination of CSS touch-event, Internet Explorer behaves by the standard so we really can't blame it for this one (just this one). Automatic value (auto) lets user agent (the browser) decide what actions are most appropriate for specific elements, therefore taking control of touch events for better browsing experience. By setting the value to none, the browser lets us do whatever we want with it.

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